How to leverage social media as an affiliate marketer

Affiliates & Social MediaSocial media allows you to directly interact with your customers and clients and if you are an affiliate marketer this can work to your great advantage.  The problem with affiliate marketing is that it depends on lots of traffic, continuous networking, and never-ending confidence building. In affiliate marketing another problem is you are promoting somebody else’s business and this is something that can really turn people off.

Social media and social networking actually allow you to mingle with your target market and carry out trust building campaigns.  You can interact with them on a day-to-day basis and you can be a part of the crowd instead of seeming like a shady online entrepreneur always tricking people into clicking affiliate links and buying useless products.

Trust building on social media takes time and effort

It is not that the moment you create a social media profile people start interacting with you and become ready to receive your offers.  In fact, on social media you don’t make business offers overtly.  You simply engage people and let them decide whether they want to do business with you or not.

Some of the greatest benefits of engaging your market as an affiliate marketer through social media are:

  • You can educate people about your business
  • You can invite them to your online presentations and landing pages
  • You can widen your network
  • You can get invited to conventions and workshops for simply attending or giving presentations
  • You can strike up mutually beneficial partnerships with other affiliate marketers
  • You can share experiences and tips with other people
  • You can come across invaluable link exchange opportunities
  • You can build persistent streams of repeat traffic for your website
  • Keep your audience engaged by posting highly relevant and interactive content over your social media profiles
  • Quickly provide answers to perplexing queries regarding your affiliate programs
  • Come across new affiliate marketing opportunities

Building your affiliate marketing social media presence

Create a blog: if you haven’t already done so, create your affiliate marketing blog because this can be the most potent social media marketing tool you may ever develop for yourself. It gives people a reason to visit your website repeatedly and become comfortable with your presence.  You can provide useful and relevant information on your affiliate marketing blog and encourage people to post their feedback or ask questions.

Create vibrant social media profiles: you can create your profiles over Twitter and Facebook and start posting useful, affiliate marketing related content over there. Remain focused and don’t try to post everything under the sun.  Remember that search engines these days include social media and social networking content in search results so this may help you over long term when you can build up lots of keyword rich content over the social media websites

Regularly interact with your visitors, friends and followers: regular interaction is a must when you want to tap into the potential of social media.  This is because people over here are perpetually exchanging messages and interacting with each other and they soon forget about you if you are not visible enough.  And being visible doesn’t mean creating lots of senseless noise.  Quality matters over quantity.

Participate in ongoing discussions: even if you don’t have lots of relevant content to share you can participate in the ongoing discussions meaningfully.  Don’t just post messages for the sake of it.  If you are opposing people have a valid reason to do so.  If you’re supporting them really mean it.  If you want to add value make sure you really do that.

Whether you are a business person or an affiliate marketer you need to keep in mind that social media marketing is a double-edged sword. Just as it has benefits, it also has pitfalls.  You have to control your emotions and avoid sudden outbursts.  These websites sometimes are full of trolls and they may catch you off guard and you may react in a way you normally wouldn’t do.  This can cause your presence immeasurable damage.

Create a social media strategy for your affiliate business

This is why it is very important to draw a strategy before launching your affiliate marketing social media campaign.  When you have a clearly written strategy you know what to do and what to avoid.