5 Reasons Why People Don’t Want To Follow Your Affiliate Recommendation

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If you have an affiliate website or blog, you need to be able to persuade your audience to buy the product that you recommend to them. If you have a highly responsive audience, then it is good for you. It means that they will mostly follow your recommendation. But, sometimes your audience is not as responsive as you want them to be. They might feel irritated or annoyed with your recommendation. And it means that you’re losing sales. Do you want to know why people don’t want to buy the product you recommend? Here are 5 reasons why people don’t want to follow your affiliate recommendation:

1. You Are Irritating Them

Your job as an affiliate is to inform and help your audience, not to irritate them. Yet, many affiliates do their job poorly. They irritate instead of inform. The way they promote their product is so annoying that people don’t want to listen. Do you really need to promote your affiliate product in each and every article that you write? Well, that might be irritating. Is it simpler and less irritating for you to build a separate page (such as review page) to promote your affiliate product? Remember that the way you promote your affiliate product will determine how your audience will react to your promotion. So, you have to inform your audience. Don’t irritate them.

2. You Don’t Have Original Ideas In Your Website Or Blog

How can people value your recommendation if you only have duplicate content in your website? How can people listen to your “expert advice” if you don’t have any original ideas in your blog? Remember that on the net, people value your opinions and ideas. They love it when they read any new ideas that are interesting to them. If you offer your unique and original ideas to your audience in your website, you will have bigger chance to succeed with your promotion. Why? That’s because you’re different from the rest of the world.

3. The Product Doesn’t Fill Their Wants And Needs

People buy product because they want to fill certain needs and wants from that product. For instance, people who want to lose weight will buy several weight loss products such as fitness equipment, diet books, fitness plan, and so on. Now, if you promote product that doesn’t fill your audience’s wants and needs, do you think that they will be interested to buy it? The answer is no. Why? That’s because people only buy product that will fill their wants and needs. If the product can’t fill their wants and needs, suffice is to say that the product is useless for them, no matter how good it is.

4. The Product Is Too Expensive For The Quality That It Offers

When people buy the product, they also take a look at the price of the product and what they’ll get from it. For instance, they expect a $500 weight loss product to really deliver the result that it promises. Also, they expect this product to provide lots of weight loss materials that worth its price. People don’t want to get ripped off of their hard-earned money. People want maximum value for each dollar that they spend. So, when you promote a product that is illogically expensive, people might not want to buy it simply because of the price. So, you have to consider promoting high quality product at a reasonable price instead of promoting an expensive product just because the big amount of commission you’ll get.

5. You Don’t Establish Yourself As An Expert

People expect you to be an expert before recommending any product to them. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to become a PhD just to recommend an affiliate product. But, think of it like this. When you give valuable ideas and opinions to your audience on your website, you will naturally establish yourself as an expert. Why? That’s because you have a different point of view and it really helps your audience in some ways. The keyword is to help. If you can help your audience, then you can automatically establish yourself as an expert, and your recommendation will carry more weight. But, if you only give your audience useless materials, they won’t consider you as an expert, let alone follow your recommendation. That’s because you are not giving any value to them whatsoever.

Those are the reasons why people don’t want to follow your affiliate recommendation. So, the next time you see people avoid clicking your affiliate links, it means that you need to evaluate the way you do things. Affiliate business can only be done successfully if you can make your recommendation count.

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5 Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Business Today

Affiliate marketing is an internet based marketing technique whereby an affiliate earns a commission for bringing in customers. Affiliate marketing is considered as one of the best ways through which an individual can make money online but can be quite challenging due to the cutthroat competition experienced in this field. As such, it is of outmost importance that an individual should come up with viable strategies to make a living through affiliate marketing the following overview on 5 ways to grow your affiliate business today might prove invaluable for individuals who might be in the affiliate marketing business.

Focus on Your Customer’s Need
Focusing on your customers’ need is the first step to growing your affiliate marketing business. Many affiliate marketers have great websites but have done the mistake of advertising products or services that are not in high demand within their niche.
To avoid making this mistake, you should carry out research on forums, article directories and websites within your niche to have the best knowledge of the trends within your niche and most importantly, understand your customer’s needs. Your affiliate marketing campaign should then be focused on these needs to get positive results in terms of sales through your affiliate links.
By giving your consumers what they want, you can greatly improve your affiliate marketing business.

Optimize Your Website
As you might already know, affiliate marketing is a traffic oriented venture meaning that, the more traffic your site gets, the higher your commissions would be. There are many techniques that can be used to increase incoming traffic to your site the most notable one being search engine optimization.
Search engine optimization or SEO makes use of various techniques to improve the ranking of a website on search engines. By having your site optimized, its visibility on search engines would be greatly improved increasing ensuring that your site is amongst the first to be listed by search engines for specific search terms. This can greatly increase your affiliate marketing commissions.

Contests are considered as one of the best tools that can help you grow your affiliate marketing business. By holding contests and posting links with details of the contest, traffic into you site can be greatly increased, increasing you chances of making sales through your affiliate link.

Link Building
According to research, most sales in affiliate programs are made though incoming links. As such, creating viable incoming links to your website, chances of making sales through your affiliate link are greatly increased.

Growth forms an integral part of any business model. As such, it should be incorporated within your affiliate marketing business for your business to grow. The best way through which this can be achieved would be to diversify your affiliate marketing business into other niches. This can be quite easy since all you might have to replicate your existing affiliate marketing model on to another niche.

By using the above mentioned 5 ways to grow your affiliate business today, chances of successfully growing your affiliate marketing business are very high.

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Randy D. Stephens is a native of Brooklyn N.Y. and passionate about internet marketing. He is currently self-employed in his affiliate business PureLeverage.

Interflora Vouchercode Sites Outrank Interflora

What happens when you are a merchant gets hit with a Google penalty?  Well the merchants affiliates end up ranking for their domain. This happend at the end of last week in the UK when Inerflora was hit with a manual penalty from Google. The interflora penalty casued the brand to lose total visibility for their brand searches.


interflora voucher code websites



Here you can see Vouchercodes and Monneysupermarket ranking for brand search queries. OOpps!

So what happened?  Further to their aggressive link building, they went all out for advertorials as spotted by Dave Naylor’s team:

Any good SEO Agency knows, when you’re preparing for a Seasonal Event, such as Valentines or Mothers Day (in this instance, Valentines Day), the build up begins months before the event, to ensure a good placement has been achieved with plenty of time to spare. Interflora were exceptionally aggressive throughout January, preparing for Valentines, placing we estimate 150+ Advertorials on Regional News Sites all over the UK.



This was later confirmed in a (but not directly) by Matt Cutts:


Five simple ways to maximise your advertiser relationships


Affiliate marketing is an incredibly competitive space and it’s easy to forget that advertisers, publishers, networks and agencies are all on the same team more often than not. If the publisher generates more sales, the advertiser generates more sales and we can all sleep better at night, safe in the knowledge that our livelihoods are secure for another day.

So, with that in mind, here are five simple ways to get the most out of your affiliate managers.

Programme Applications: None of us like rejection, in any aspect of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about that person who laughed in your face when you asked them out in high school, or that advertiser who declined a website you’d invested time and effort into. It still hurts.

The simple way to avoid this is to keep your network profile up to date and list the website you actually intend to use for promotion. Nothing will get declined quicker than an irrelevant URL which now points to a GoDaddy page. If you’re working on a new site that’s still in stealth mode, include a message about it and list one of your existing sites as an example of your work. Each programme gets a huge number of applications daily, so this will really showcase your quality. The affiliate manager may even get in touch off the back of your application.

Read the Programme Terms: A huge amount of time and effort usually go into constructing each individual programme’s terms and conditions. These might sometimes sound unfair, or too restrictive, but are put in place to protect the advertiser’s current business objectives. If the terms include ‘no PPC’, it’s generally because they’re investing heavily in their own PPC campaigns and don’t want to compete directly with their own affiliates. Without reading the terms though, some affiliates have no idea they’ve broken them until it’s too late.

Pick Up The Phone: So you’ve been accepted onto the programme and read the terms… now what? Give your new advertiser’s affiliate manager a call. Email is great but sometimes over-enthusiastic spam filters, junk mail and a busy work schedule cause us all to miss things that we’re really interested in. I’ve accomplished more in two minute phone calls than in months of emails.

Use What You’ve Got: This is the crux of my post. If you remember nothing else, remember this one word – LEVERAGE. Do you have an email list? Can you write a blog post for the brand? Can you build out a landing page? Can you offer a premium banner placement? Are you considering dropping a competitor or even the advertiser? Only you know what promotion works best on your own sites. Affiliate Managers are always looking for new ‘opportunities’ (you’ve seen that in emails before, I’m sure of it). Why not hit them up and see if you can get a better deal for yourself in exchange for what you can offer. This is especially true for niche and smaller brands. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Meetings: Not always possible, but a great way to solidify a partnership and you can reap the rewards for years, literally. It’s a relatively small industry in the UK. People change roles and companies frequently and so your relationships will evolve as a result of that. I still maintain some of my earliest contacts and have found them invaluable for advice and opportunities. There’s also nothing like a good old-fashioned affiliate networking event to make things happen for both sides.

Dave Tinnery is affiliate manager at Tug, a digital marketing agency based in London. Originally from Ireland, he lived in East Europe for years and then moved to UK. He loves discovering new places in the city, in particular old pubs and real music clubs.

Why Amazon is My First Choice as an Affiliate Marketer?

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When you have a product you want to sell it can be hard to get it out into the open. There are several ways you can do this but sometimes the paths are too costly to be useful. This is where the wonderful site of Amazon.com comes in. A revolutionary pioneer of sales, Amazon.com is the first site to be affiliate friendly as the focus before Amazon was to be sales friendly without much regard of the person selling it. Many things were done by mail and not a lot of sites were populated for selling things. The internet wasn’t really used all that much for buying simple things like movies as the technology we have today has not always been around. These are the reasons why Amazon is the best choice when choosing to go to a site to sell your products.

Free to use

This is simple and basic but most sites who offer the same services often ask for a membership as well. This includes dealing with the cost of paying for something you didn’t want. Plus some ask that you pay for deliveries yourself and they’ll reimburse you when the product is shipped. With hundreds if not thousands of people buying your product, this can easily get pricey. Amazon however offers all their sales services for free.


Are you new to selling and have no idea what you’re doing? Do you not know how to do target advertising? Do you find the way internet advertisements work confusing? Amazon is specially built for the people who come in and have next to nothing in the way of knowing what to do in any class of what to do and whom to try to sell it to. They have guides on how to make advertisements, simple ways to purchase advertisement room on their site, and even a way to keep all of your products organized.


Amazon will not only help you sell your product, they want you to expand. The Kindle, for instance, has a fundraiser that pays writers for letting the Kindle have specific rights to their books. This means that on top of what they get paid in sales, they also get paid a fraction of the fundraiser. This is useful for people first starting out in their types of businesses as each category has a different bonus for doing well.

Millions of users

The most important thing to remember about Amazon is that there are millions of members. This provides the widest range of audiences and consumers you could ever have. Not to mention they have the ability to sell these products internationally. Also, along with members is the fantastic review system which is vital on learning what you are doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

Simple Design

The real design of the site is intricate and a lot of people from different places around the world love it. Why? Because while it may be complex it is only complex behind the scenes. When you go to sell your product, it does everything it can to make it simple. For writers of e books it’s as simple as uploading the book and listing a price. This is important to have as not a lot of people understand numbers and acronyms that might be cross referring to different languages. This is important when trying to sell from a foreign factory to a home country.

Wide categories

The reason wide categories are important is because it separates through all the items quickly and keeps them in the right categories. It also allows for easy links to be created while they’re looking for things in that class based upon what they look at. This is important if you have a product that has a keyword that is attached to what they’re looking at because they might be looking at your product next.

Priya is an internet marketer who makes money from Amazon. She is also a blogger & she likes to write about various tips on Amazon & other affiliate programs.

5 Tips To Succeeding With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell products for someone else and make a commission. A commission is calculated based on a percentage. For example, if your commission is 10 % commission and you sell a product for $50, you get $5. An affiliate assigns you an ID which is a name of number. If a person buys from your link, you make money. A few people have been able to make a full time living with it. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn extra money online. Here are 5 tips to successful affiliate marketing.

1) One of the first 5 tips to successful affiliate marketing is product research. You will not earn much money as an affiliate unless the product owner has done extensive research and testing sales methods. An affiliate provider needs to be aware of the scope of the product as well as the intended target audience. Otherwise, it would hard for an affiliate to make money. Take a look at their sales pages since you will be using the same page. The sales page should be attractive.

2) The product should match the content of your website. A good affiliate marketer promotes products that readers of their blog or website would likely interest the readers of their website or blog. For example, a fishing website will need products related to fishing. Golfing products would generate little sales.

3) Is the affiliate program free? Some affiliate providers charge a membership fee. If this is the case, you may prefer not join it. Since the idea is to make money without spending money, you should not have to buy anything before you start promoting the affiliate provider’s products. You are helping to boost their sales. There may be a few programs worth paying to join but these are rare.

4) Join program with at least a 5% commission. Since you will be spending a great deal of time promoting products, you will want your efforts to be worth it. You do not want to spend all that time promoting when you are getting paid a pittance. A few programs are generous enough to offer more than 50% commission. Look at joining affiliate networks to find high-paying affiliates. They will keep up with all your sales and your commissions.

5) You need determination and discipline to be successful. If you want success in affiliate marketing, you must be willing to force yourself ahead. every internet marketer needs this quality. There will be days you feel like giving up, but you must stay determined. You must be disciplined. If you can make yourself work daily with all your might, you will achieve your goals faster. Laziness has no place in affiliate marketing.

These are 5 tips to successful affiliate marketing that are worth following. Affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme and it shouldn’t be treated as such. You may need to experiment with different products to find one that brings good sales. What you get out of something depends on what you put into it.

Eric Welke is a full time internet marketing.  Check out his blog at EricWelke.com for the latest advice and tutorials, as well as a review of the Empower Network.

Colgate-Palmolive’s Unique Marketing Strategy Opens up a New Market

Internet marketing is a powerful way to introduce a new product and build a brand identity. When combined with a television marketing plan companies can reach new target audiences and reap more profits. You may think the only way to market a product on the Internet is with a website. Social media has opened up a new avenue for companies to catch the attention of new demographics of potential customers. With creative thinking your company can open up new markets and get your product in front of as many people as possible.

Colgate-Palmolive Marketing Strategy

One company that recently took advantage of the power of social media is Colgate-Palmolive. Their new Wisp portable toothbrush was targeted for an urban and young target audience, 18 to 25 year old men and women. This was a new target audience for the company that normally markets to mothers. By combining social media, video and television, Colgate was able to reach their target audience and not only introduce their new Wisp, but add a new demographic to their consumer base.

Colgate’s Marketing Goal: Colgate wanted to break into the young urban professional demographic of 18 to 25. This group is typically very active daters and concerned with their appearance. The company needed a strategy that would target these consumers in a new and different way.

How They Did It: To do this they employed the social media marketing agency, Big Fuel. The advertising executives at Colgate knew they needed outside help to think out of the box. This is a good course of action if a company has never considered social media and the Internet a viable means to market their products. Big Fuel and Colgate spent many months on market research. The questions they tried to answer were what does the product represent to the target audience and how can they get their attention. Their findings helped them to formulate an advertising campaign that combined television, social media and internet exposure.

The Big Push: In order to introduce the Wisp to their target audience, Colgate worked with Big Fuel to produce funny and inventive videos. These were posted on the major social networks, a mini site and on the television. Sites like YourTango and College Humor were used in order to create a viral video buzz.

Another facet of their marketing strategy was a photo contest to find the most kissable person in America. People could upload pictures of themselves with their favorite color of Wisp and have people vote for them. Spin the Wisp was another innovative creation by Big Fuel and Colgate. This was a Facebook app which accessed users Facebook friends and randomly picked them to participate in the contest. This generated more buzz about the product and reached an even greater number of the target demographic.

Out of the Box into Stores

With Colgate’s innovative campaign to reach an entirely new demographic, they opened the door for future campaigns. Thinking out of the box drove sales and got the product not only into stores, but into consumers’ hands as well.

If you’re setting up a marketing strategy you might also want to:

1. Determine who will most likely be using your service or buying your product and create your marketing strategy with that in mind.

2. Get in touch with an experienced media marketing agency. The vision of experts in the field of marketing might come with a price but perhaps you can find an experienced freelancer that can help you determine which media outlets will suit your campaign and how you can reach your potential customers best and turn them into clients etc.

The post is contributed by Calvin Scott. Calvin is observer, traveler, writer and social pundit. Visit his site for internet and internet en televisie

5 Tips for Using Email Marketing to Boost Your Business

When email marketing is done correctly, you can see a significant increase in your business. However, when it’s not done properly, you can become a nightmare to your current and potential customers thereby destroying future opportunities.

In fact, studies by the Direct Marketing Association suggest that many of their clients see a $60 return on every $1 spent. That is an unbelievably favorable statistic! While you may not see that level of return right away, at least you know that the potential is there. It’s always nice to have a little motivation to help you achieve your goals.


Be Careful Not to Spam

Years ago, you could send an email to nearly anyone and it would end up in their inbox. Today there are spam bots who will quickly throw your emails away before they have the chance to be viewed. The easiest way to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you is to use a confirmation email. This way you at least know that your messages are making it to the inbox and you can only hope they are being read.

Get Personal

Few people will open a general email. If you take a few minutes and really think about your subject, you can make it appear targeted for the receiver, even if it’s going out to 1,000 people. If you are like most business owners, you probably have a small niche so targeting really should not be that difficult to do. Keep your subject title relevant to the content too! Don’t offer a coupon for a dog leash and then have the email be about dog training with no coupon. You will lose trust and your readers will be less likely to open future emails from you.

Don’t Overdo It

Sending multiple emails a day is something that should be avoided. Be the person who is always a welcome guest, not someone who overstays their welcome. If you have a good reason to send a daily email, go ahead. Otherwise, be a little more selective with your targeting. For example, if you are selling a product, Friday emails with one-day coupons or free shipping are always a good idea since most people are getting paid that day.

Don’t be Generic

Don’t even think about sending the same or very similar emails back-to-back. If you can’t take the time to be a little more original, why should your readers spend their valuable time reading what you have to say?

Keep in mind, not all of your emails have to be a hard sell. Sometimes it’s nice just to tell your readers to have a great weekend. This may make them more interested in seeing what you have to say next time your email comes through their inbox.

Get Your Readers Involved

Offering VIP programs or special incentives will give your readers a reason to look forward to your emails. Perhaps offer giveaways or invite them to comment on your Facebook page for a chance to win the weekly prize, etc. The more involved you get them, the more they will trust you on a personal level which will dictate to future sales and referrals.

This is a guest post from Neil at eMobileScan. Who are a Web based store operating throughout Europe and supply handheld computers like the MC65 and barcode scanners like the Symbol Ls2208 to some of Europe’s leading retailers.


Crowdsourcing for the Affiliate

affilaites getting started“Many hands make light work.” “It takes a village to raise a child.” What do these two proverbs have in common? Who would have thought that these two familiar phrases, coined decades ago, are evidence of ancient crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing, though perhaps not so new as everyone thinks, has suddenly come into vogue. It is such a fresh term, that it will not be found in a formal dictionary. However, ‘Wikipedia’ defines the term in this manner;

“…the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a crowd) through an open call.”

What is new to the very basic nature of crowdsourcing is that it is driven and popularized by technology. Additionally, persons and businesses are finding that it is less expensive to crowdsource than to hire in house for certain types of performance.  Every website owner and affiliate marketer should understand the the concepts of crowdsourcing and look to use crowdsourcing portals to help drive down costs

Technology has fueled corporate use of crowdsourcing through on-line communities. Corporations relay a problem to be solved to the masses, and the ‘crowd’ to which the problem was transmitted, having instant access, gets to work at implementing a solution. Think about it; this brings a whole new meaning to group assignments. All those individuals, amateurs and professionals alike, are working toward one business solution.

It is feasible, that the number of persons within the ‘crowd’ even outnumber the persons employed by the business. This provides splendid and tremendous opportunities to the small business owner. Of course small businesses are not the only ones who benefit from crowdsourcing. Large corporations can increase profit by diminishing economic output. There is no rule which states businesses must compensate the problem solver. In fact, sometimes in lieu of payment, businesses offer other perks; free gifts, trips and attractive incentives.

Another characteristic to which technology has assisted crowdsourcing is through globalization. Let’s face it; the world is a much smaller place today because of technology. While outsourcing to other countries is often less expensive for American companies, there is still cost involved. Crowdsourcing, however, casts a large net globally, and as previously mentioned, is of little or no cost. Also, the disparity between ‘amateurs and professionals’ is shrinking due to the use of technology and crowdsourcing. It is just as likely, through crowdsourcing, that a non professional will provide a solution to the proposed problem.

‘Wired Magazine’, published an article in 2006, by Jeff Howe, who is attributed with first using the compound word, ‘crowdsourcing’. Since, “The Rise of Crowdsourcing”, was published; the word and practice have come under a certain amount of criticism. Critics state possible negative results for businesses which make use of the practice. Perhaps topping the list is the possibility that corporations will take advantage of the individuals seeking to provide solutions. This is due to the fact that there are no written contracts. Of course businesses are also plagued by the same negative possibility. There is a risk of the non-contracted worker(s) losing interest in the project. Working via the Internet provides a certain amount of anonymity for the ‘crowd’ which could pose a problem. Corporations and individuals who take advantage of the opportunities presented by crowdsourcing have to make the decision based on calculated risks.


5 Ways to Build Affiliate Mailing Lists

mailchimpIf you plan to run a successful affiliate business it is a must for you to build a reliable mailing list. In case you are unaware of the concept, you can use a mailing list to send regular e-mail updates and newsletters to your subscribers so that you can constantly keep in touch with them. Whether you’re launching a new product or seeking new affiliates in your downline a vibrant mailing list can be an invaluable asset.

Why build your own mailing list?

You can easily purchase or lease mailing lists so why create your own mailing list from scratch? First of all purchasing and renting mailing lists can be quite expensive (although you can say it is worth the expense considering the amount of time and effort you can save). Second, you can never be sure whether a pre-existing mailing list is useful to you or not. On the other hand a mailing list that you create from scratch from your website or blog is going to be much more effective because people are actually going to subscribe to it expecting to hear straight from you.

There are many ways you can build a great mailing list (gather subscribers for your newsletter or e-zine in other words). Listed below are the most reliable methods you can implement in order to build your mailing list:

Prominently display your mailing list subscription form

Once people are on your website it should be impossible to miss your subscription form. The ideal place to put your subscription form is on the sidebar and preferably as the first item on your sidebar. Use right contrasting colors to highlight your subscription form so that it becomes visible as soon as somebody comes to your website or blog. Use a heading that prompts people to join your mailing list. Put it down in a single sentence that you won’t be sharing their e-mail ids with third parties. Specifically instruct people where to enter the name and e-mail ID.

You can also create a separate page containing the subscription form and then mention the link in your resource box, in your e-mail signature, RSS feeds, or contextually mention it in your blog posts and articles. You can also post a link to your subscription box on Twitter and Facebook occasionally (restrict it to once or twice a week)

It is very easy to obtain a mailing list subscription form if you are using some popular service like AWeber or MailChimp: just log into your account and generate the appropriate code for your mailing list subscription form. You don’t have to do any coding and it is mostly a copy/paste job.


Make it a win-win situation

Not everybody understands the value of subscribing to an information-rich mailing list from the word go and in most of the cases you have to provide an incentive to people. Offer them an e-book or a coupon for subscribing to your mailing list. You can further reward them for recommending your mailing list to their friends and colleagues. There are many good-quality but free e-books available on the Internet that you can use as an incentive for people to subscribe to your mailing list. In case you are offering something mention it somewhere on the subscription form prominently. You can also encourage your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook to promote your subscription link and then offer them something in return.

Use a subscription box pop-up

Pop-ups are much reviled on the Internet but surprisingly they work. Make it very easy to shut down a pop-up box so that it becomes effortless to close it down and access the main content on your webpage or blog post. You must have seen a subscription pop-up box when you visit websites. Make sure the pop-up box doesn’t show up every time a particular visitor comes to your website. You should use some cookie that shows a pop-up box the first time somebody visits your website or blog and then maybe on alternate visits or some other routine.

Participate in list swaps

There are many list swap programs on the Internet where you can get your mailing list promoted in lieu of promoting somebody else’s mailing list. There are two methods of doing this. One is simply mentioning the mailing list subscription form link from within your own e-zine or newsletter or presenting their subscription form on the thank you page after people have subscribed to your mailing list (something like, if you have subscribed to my mailing list you may also like to check out these great mailing lists). You can do it on an ongoing basis.

Often it becomes difficult to find newsletter publishers would like to participate in a list swap arrangement. Here are a few links you can explore:

AdSwapFinder (http://adswapfinder.com/)

List Swapper (http://listswapper.com/)

Warrior Forum – JV Partners (http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-joint-ventures/)

JV Notify (http://www.jvnotifypro.com/community/)

Safe Swaps (paid) (http://discount.safe-swaps.com/hjokd/)

List swaps work best in targeted and niche markets. So if people are subscribing to your mailing list to get affiliate information on marketing digital products they would prefer to sign up for similar mailing lists rather than the mailing list promoting organic foods.

Organize contests

Contests are a great way to create buzz and get more subscribers for your mailing list or RSS feeds. People eagerly participate in contests because there is a prize at the end of the contest. You can offer multiple prizes for multiple levels of performance. Let us say, a person becomes eligible for a draw when he or she gets you 10 subscribers (being an affiliate you can easily track referrals using parameters or IP addresses). In the end you can randomly choose a winner and then announce his or her name on your website, in your newsletter and over your social media profiles.

These are some of the easiest and the most effective ways of building a great mailing list.