Increase your Amazons affiliates program income this Christmas

xmas productsIf you are an Amazon affiliate than the holiday season is highly crucial for you as an affiliate marketer because this is the time when people shop more in order to purchase gifts for their loved ones.  Christmas is just round the corner and if you want to leverage the festive season this is just about the right time to pump in some more gas into your promotion drive.

What basic things can you do in order to sell more and more festival-related Amazon products from your website?  Affiliate marketing is an ongoing effort that goes on and on throughout the years but during the festive season you have to make some strategic changes. Since more and more Amazon shoppers are purchasing items during Christmas and the weeks surrounding this festival, you have to get them on your website for the right items. Aside from continuously working to increase your targeted traffic to your Amazon affiliates marketing website you can take the following 4 steps to further enhance your income:

  • Get targeted people to your website: As mentioned above, now is the time to get as many people to your website/blog as possible.  Millions of people are doing shopping and they might as well do it from your website.  All you have to do is, lead them to your door. Amazon already has a great conversion mechanism.  Publish great product reviews on your website and increase the number of articles and blog posts you publish on your website to give thrust to your rankings and generate more traffic from other websites including Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit other websites and blogs and interact with people in the comments section to make people aware of what you do and what you can offer.  The moot point is getting the right people to your website and this can be achieved by creating lots of targeted content.
  • Put more emphasis on Christmas when publishing on your website or blog: During festive seasons people are looking for Christmas-related information, and if possible, products.  Base your blog posts and articles on the theme of Christmas; this will improve your direct as well as longtail search engine rankings.  This will also help you generate buzz on your social media profiles.
  • Closely watched what Amazon is promoting: Amazon runs special promotional campaigns during the festive season of Christmas so keep a close tab on that.  The company has a very advanced system to work out what exactly people are looking for this season and then push those products ahead of the others.  Make a note of what Amazon is promoting aggressively on the first page (in the category of your website or blog) and then include those items on your website as affiliate link

amazon Xmas deals

  • Create videos and post them on various video hosting websites: Videos are a great way of spreading your idea.  The audiovisual experience creates more impact and encourages people to forward your link to their friends and followers.

These are some basic steps that can help you improve your Amazon affiliate income during the festive season.  Christmas is a great festival and the entire experience can be enhanced if it is also rewarding in terms of income generation.  Follow the tried and tested rules and make this season into a profitable one.  Season’s greetings!